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Get your Flu Shot! Nancy Dingwall Health Centre Starts Influenza Vaccine Drive at CBU

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

If you are interested in receiving a flu vaccine, the Nancy Dingwall Health and Counselling Center will be holding multiple flu vaccine clinics starting Monday, November 20, 2022. Seven of the clinics will be held on campus at the Canada games complex; located next to the bus station. You can view the dates and book an appointment here. Additionally, one clinic will be held at the Cineplex Campus on December 5, 2022, and you can book an appoint for this specific clinic here.

This is a wonderful opportunity, as booking an appointment is quick and easy. Additionally, these clinics are free, and will not require a health card. However, a mask must be worn at the clinic and the Nancy Dingwall Center does request you bring identification with your name printed on it to make the process easier.

“The flu vaccine is safe and effective against influenza,” says Judy Kelley, a nurse with 30 years of experience and the director of the Nancy Dingwall Center. Some possible but rare side effects include a sore arm, a headache, and a slight fever but Tylenol is effective against such symptoms.

At the clinic, one should expect to be screened for Covid symptoms and provide consent to having a flu vaccine administered followed by a 15-minute wait at the clinic for observation.

The vaccination is administered to your deltoid muscle (the upper area of your arm). There is juice and water for people to drink after their vaccination. Any of your questions or concerns will be addressed. Those working at the clinic, as Ms. Kelley says, are “looking at the individual, and not rushing the person” during this process.

The vaccines will be administered jointly by staff from the Nancy Dingwall center such as Judy Kelley, faculty from the school of nursing school and assisted by term 7 and 8 nursing students, although CBU’s student nurses will be supervised. The nursing students are trained and properly educated for this task. However, if you are uncomfortable with a nursing student administering your vaccination, it is possible to request them not to.

If you are nervous about receiving a vaccine, do not hesitate to let staff know, and they will work to accommodate and make you feel comfortable. Using breathing techniques such as box breathing or having a friend accompany you are some ways to quell nerves.

RSV (Respiratory syncytial Virus), Influenza and Covid-19 are the trinity of viruses which are spreading among the community. It is possible to get one while recovering from another, so doing everything possible to protect yourself from the virus is a good strategy. Some ways to do so are receiving vaccines for Covid-19 and influenza, wearing a mask, and regularly washing your hands.


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