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Get to know the Society of Petroleum Engineers – Cape Breton University Chapter

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Image Courtesy: Society of Petroleum Engineers – CBU Chapter

A great way for you to connect with students with similar interests as yours at Cape Breton University (CBU) is to join a society. There are a number of societies at CBU, with one of them being the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) – Cape Breton University Chapter.

Societies can also be pivotal to career growth as they often provide a lot of useful benefits in their respective fields. For example, did you know that SPE offers a wide range of scholarship?

Caper Times recently caught up with Rebecca Oghenedoro, who is the President of the CBU chapter of SPE, to know more about the society. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Can you give us a brief introduction to SPE?

“The Society of Petroleum Engineers, which is a non-profit organization, is known to be the largest member organization of oil and gas professionals worldwide. SPE is opened to members from different countries in the world which includes students, lecturers, professors and professionals in the oil and gas field. Its mission includes collecting, disseminating, and exchanging all technical knowledge related to the petroleum industry.

“The CBU chapter of SPE falls under the Maritime session of SPE. This platform provides students the following:

1. Free membership

2. A wide range of scholarship. Currently we have about six of our students from CBU who have applied for the ongoing fully sponsored scholarship by SPE

3. Access to knowledgeable documents and journals

4. A wealth of resources for networking, knowledge building and career advancement

5. Free or discounted access to online education. Students are currently undertaking a virtual lecture by a distinguished lecturer and professional, Dr. Luis Quintero from the Oil and Gas Industry.

6. The SPE CBU chapter has also organized free tutoring opportunity for students who have difficulties with their courses and also gives room for students with the ability to tutor to take on this responsibility

7. Partaking in local and international competitions. We have several students working currently to write up a paper which will be submitted for a paper contest on behalf of CBU.

“The benefits of the Society of Petroleum Engineers are a whole lot and it all cannot be listed. So, CBU is grateful to have a chapter of this society present in the university, as students get to enjoy all these benefits.”

How has student participation been thus far?

“We have over 50 students who are members of this society and I can confidently say that their participation has been one to be commended. Students take delight in attending events organized by the society – they attend virtual lectures held by dignitaries and professionals from the oil and gas industry, they offer to tutor students having difficulties with their studies, participate in online contests, and apply for the on-going scholarship too.”

Are there any activities planned in the near future?

“We had the welcoming event for new students on 15 February 2022. We also have a planned virtual bingo night event coming up during the month of March with lots of games and prizes to be won.

“Also, the executives of this society are planning towards an excursion to an oil and gas facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, this will depend on the state of the pandemic at that time.

“Lastly, there will be an event to mark the end of the year 2022 session. The event includes giving out certificates and awards to executives, volunteers, and others.”

You can follow The Society of Petroleum Engineers: CBU Chapter on Instagram at @spe_cbu_sc and on Facebook here.

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