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Four series you can watch during reading week

We are in the midst of reading week, and you might have a bit of free time available over the next few days. Therefore, we decided to recommend four television series that you could possibly watch during the short break.

Ted Lasso

While looking at the basic storyline, you might wonder if you need to be a sports fan to enjoy the show. But that’s far from the case. While the show might revolve around Lasso managing a soccer/football (part of the debate on the series) club, Richmond AFC, there’s so much more to the show than that. The show tackles important issues, and along the way, makes you laugh too. In 2021, the show broke the record of most nominations for a comedy series in its first season in the history of the Emmy Awards.


If you’re looking for something different, then you can check out Ozark. There have been 37 episodes across four seasons so far, with each episode around an hour on average, so this show might take a bit of your time. The storyline revolves around money laundering and has a fair bit of violence, which must be kept in mind before starting the series. While Jason Bateman stars, watch out for superb performances from Laura Linney and Julia Garner. Watching the series now will prepare you well for the final season (part 2 of season 4) which is due to release in May.


Another critically acclaimed drama from recent years is Succession. The series follows a uber-rich family and the power struggle that takes place between them. One thing to like about this series is that it gets the right mixture of comedy and drama. There are some outstanding performances from the cast, with Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong winning Golden Globes for their roles as Logan Roy and Kendall Roy respectively.

Mare of Easttown

If you are looking out for an edge-of-the-seat miniseries which you can complete in quick time, then you might want to check out Mare of Easttown – there are only seven episodes. The series stars Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet as a police detective solving a murder case, while having a troubled personal life. Needless to say, Winslet is truly fantastic in her role, with Julianne Nicholson and Jean Smart also putting up great performances.

NOTE: There are numerous other fantastic recent television shows that haven’t been watched by the author. For a list of the most popular TV series currently, head over to this page.




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