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  • Nitin Fernandes

Five online games like Wordle

After Wordle became such a viral game over the last few months, there have been a few spinoffs that have also become quite popular recently. Here are five such games that you might enjoy, if you liked Wordle (all are free to play):


This game is almost like Wordle, as in that you need to guess five-letter words. You might have noticed that the previous sentence ended with a plural, and there lies the primary difference between Wordle and Dordle. While in the former, you need to guess just one word, in Dordle, you need to guess two words at once. Hence, you get seven guesses here. Unlike Wordle, practice games are available in Dordle, so you can play it multiple times a day.

The game can be found at:

Similarly, there’s also Quordle, where you must guess four words in one go:

Wordle 2

This game is very similar to the original Wordle. The only difference is that instead of the mystery word being five-letters long, in Wordle2, the word consists of six alphabets. Despite the one additional letter, you do not get any extra guesses when compared to the original game.

The game can be found here:


If you are a geography nerd, then this game is tailor-made for you. Like Wordle comes with guessing one word every day, in Globle, the objective is to guess a mystery country. You’re given the world map and you need to start guessing a country. The closer you are to the actual country; the shade of red becomes darker.

The game can be found at:


If you’re a football/soccer fan, then you might find Footle interesting. The game involves guessing the name of a soccer player from one of Europe’s top five leagues. Once you guess a name, five blocks open – league, club team, national team, position, age bracket. If any of the five appear with the color green, then it’s a match; if not, the color associated with the block will be red. Unlike most other similar games, Footle has a timer, with a maximum time of 10 minutes for one puzzle.

The game can be found here:


Another geography game which has become popular is Worldle. Here, you are given a silhouette of a country and you need to correctly guess the country in six attempts. Whenever you guess a country, if the answer is incorrect, then the distance between the country you guess, and the actual answer is given so that you get an idea of where the country is situated on the map.

The game can be found here:

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