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Fall 2019 Semester kicks off with a Bang: First month at CBU in a Glance

Photo Credits- Tom Joseph

Starting school at university is a new and exciting experience for all students. But this new chapter in life can also be stressful as it involves moving out of your comfort zone and possibly into a new place with a new culture and new people. At CBU, no stone was left unturned to make sure that this transition for students was as comfortable and exciting as possible.

This year fall semester at CBU had an energetic start with a series of events and activities organised for students joining the University this semester.  Students from several countries became a part of the CBU family and were given a warm welcome by CBU Student’s Union and the University.

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The Week of Welcome began with a Scavenger hunt, which, as Vice President Student Life, Joshua Nyamukapa, said helped “introduce Sydney to the students and the students to Sydney”. More than a hundred students took part in this event, many of whom won exciting prizes like a mini fridge and a TV. Through this event, students got to explore the city which would be their home for the next few years- all as a part of a thrilling game! The event was followed by a barbeque party, which had live music and a bonfire.

Photo Credits – Jordan Pike

Another exciting event was the Beach Party on Dominion beach. The event took place on 2nd September. A shuttle service was organised to take students to and fro from the university to the beach. The students danced to the tunes played by a live DJ at the venue. Not only did the event keep energy levels high amongst new students, but it also supported local businesses such as Beaver Tails and Caper Crepes who were invited to the venue.

Wayne Hoffman, the world-famous illusionist and mentalist, performed live at the Pit Lounge at CBU on the 5th of September and left students awestruck. The tricks and mind games stunned the audience.

Photo Credits – Jordan Pike

A paint battle took place on Friday, 6th September.  The event took place two days after classes had started and had a high turnout as students enthusiastically took part in this event which preceded a major storm. Such an event helped students develop a “home away from home” feeling as many of them come from cultures where colours are an integral part of many festivals.

While the hurricane Dorian caused a power outage in several parts of the city around 7th of September, it did not pull down the energy levels among students who braved the weather with high spirit.

Photo Credits – Jordan Pike

And finally, the party everyone had been waiting for- Orange Out! Students showed up in large numbers in orange outfits. DJ Majestic performed at the Pit Lounge where hundreds of students danced and partied with their new friends. It was a night to remember.

Apart from these exciting action packed events, there was also an orientation organised especially for international students by the university. The orientation, which took place on the 29th and 30th of August, addressed concerns the new students may have, including and apart from academics. Students were informed about the available medical facilities and their rights, amongst other areas of probable concern.

Measures were also taken to resolve issues faced by students. One of the biggest issues faced by students was the long wait for buses due to rush at peak hours. Efforts are being made by CBRM and the University to resolve this issue. Not only were more buses added to the bus schedule, but an enclosed bus stop is also being constructed so that students waiting for buses can stay protected from the biting cold wind. The bus shelter is expected to be functional by the end of this year.

In addition to increase mobility for the students, CBU also introduced Bike share program , which gives students access to bikes around the area so that they can have greater involvement in the community.

Photo Credits – Kevin Doan

Many students planed on working on a part time basis while studying at the University. However, several of these students complained on social media about the lack of part time job opportunities at Sydney and nearby areas. In order to encourage these students, workshops were conducted in the library to help students write their resumes and cover letters in order to help them get part time jobs.

Caper Times interviewed some new students and asked them about their experience at the University so far. Ashwin Bhatnagar and Rishi Midha, fall 2019 intake students from a post bachelors’ program, said that the past month has been absolutely amazing, “all thanks to the people of Cape Breton who were extremely warm and welcoming”.

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Cape Breton University has become a popular destination for education amongst international students from several countries, especially since the last two years. The massive influx of students has changed the face of the island and has given it a much-needed economic boost.

A month into the September intake, students have settled down and are now busy with academics and extra curricular activities. Many more events will be organised to keep students engaged and to make them feel at home. The university and the Students union are collaborating to organise a celebration for the Indian festival of Diwali in the coming few weeks, an event which local and international students are looking forward to!

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