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Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling Back to CBU

Unless you're living under a rock, you probably heard that CBU's Winter 2021 semester is going to be online. In case you didn't, here's an article that'll help you catch up.

But just because classes are being conducted online doesn't mean there's no reason for CBU students to be in Sydney. CBU and CBUSU continue to provide support to and organize events for CBU students in Sydney. For example, CBU's library is now allowing students to book a seat at the library and pick up books via curbside pick up. CBUSU's food bank continues to provide support to students in Cape Breton. CBUSU also continues to organize non-virtual events in Cape Breton such as the Diwali event at Swaagat and Butterbeer restaurants in Sydney on 13th November (Pst, stay tuned for our Diwali celebrations article)

Many students attending CBU from other countries and different time zones may also want to return to Sydney so that they don't have to take their synchronous classes in the middle of the night. Many students may also have trouble attending classes due to unstable internet connections in their home countries.

Here's everything you need to know if you're travelling back to Cape Breton for university from:

A) Outside Canada

Cape Breton University has a COVID Readiness Plan that has been approved by the Province of Nova Scotia. CBU was added to this list on the 3rd of November, 2020. This means that students can travel to Canada from other countries if they are enrolled in CBU. However, they must complete their mandatory 14 day quarantine in a CBU designated location.

CBU has two designated locations for quarantine.

1) CBU on-campus Residence.

Students travelling to Canada from another country can complete their quarantine in CBU's on campus residence. For students who only wish to stay in residence for the 14-day quarantine period, the cost is $1050 per person, which includes 14 nights of accommodations and the $20 per day meal plan. This cost will be billed directly to your student account.

2) Cambridge Suites Hotel in Sydney

Students who wish to stay in the off-campus location at the Cambridge Suites Hotel in downtown Sydney must make their own reservation directly with the hotel for the reserved block of rooms under “CBU Quarantine.” The total cost for this option, which includes room and meals, is $1,712.90. You can call 902-562-6500 to make your reservation.

The cost associated with this option is $102.35 per night, for a total of $1,432.90 for 14 days. This is payable to the hotel prior to arrival via credit card. Meals will be an additional $20 per day for a total of $280. Meals will be delivered to your room three times per day, for 14 days.  The $280 cost of meals will be billed directly to your student account.

If you are travelling with a family member(s) or support person(s), the cost of the room will remain the same. However, each person will be charged an additional $20 per day for meals. This additional charge will also be billed directly to the students account

Students would also be required to fill out the Quarantine Commitment form by CBU here. In addition, all students traveling to Canada from another country must also complete the ArriveCAN Application and the Nova Scotia Safe Check in form.

International students must also ensure that they have medical health insurance and can contact regarding the same.

It is also mandatory to inform CBU before making any plans to travel. It must also be noted that CBU does not guarantee students entry to Canada as the final decision regarding this rests with the CBSA.

B) Outside the Atlantic bubble, but within Canada

Students travelling to Nova Scotia from other Canadian provinces are also required to inform CBU about their travel.

Students would be required to complete a mandatory 14 day quarantine but can chose to complete this quarantine at any location of their choice.

According to the Government of Nova Scotia, "Self-isolation means you go directly to your destination and stay there for 14 days, or for the duration of your stay if it’s less than 14 days. The day you arrive in Nova Scotia counts as your first day of self-isolation. You need to stay in the same location while you’re self-isolating (you can’t change locations). Avoid taking public transportation (like a taxi, bus or shuttle) if possible. If you do need to take public transportation, wear a mask and keep a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others, as much as you can. Only take public transportation if you don't have COVID-19 symptoms. Make plans to have groceries and other supplies delivered."

C) From within the Atlantic Bubble

If you're currently in the Atlantic bubble (eg: Halifax, Moncton etc), you are not legally required to self isolate but you should continue to monitor your symptoms and follow provincial guidelines.

To self-isolate, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • don't go to work, school or other public places

  • take and record their temperature daily and avoid fever reducing medications (like acetaminophen and ibuprofen)

  • have groceries and other supplies delivered

  • avoid anyone with chronic conditions or a compromised immune system and older adults

  • don't have visitors to your home

  • don’t take public transportation (like a taxi, bus or shuttle) if possible; if you do need to take public transportation, wear a mask and keep a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others, as much as you can

  • don’t take public transportation if you have COVID-19 symptoms

  • stay home - you can go on your deck or balcony or in your yard, but you need to avoid contact with other people

  • don’t use elevators or stairwells if you live in an apartment building (stay inside your unit)

  • complete a COVID-19 Self-assessment if you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; you can call 811 for assessment if you’re unable to complete the COVID-19 Self-assessment online (or to speak with a nurse)

  • follow hand washing guidelines, cough and sneeze guidelines and cleaning and disinfecting guidelines

Continue to monitor for more updates on travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.

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