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  • Pushya Chokshi

Diwali: Festival of Happiness

Diwali commonly known as the festival of lights is one of the most celebrated festivals all over India. The festival has its roots in Hindu mythology making it religiously significant but all people from various religions celebrate Diwali with utmost enthusiasm. CBU being the hub of international students witnessed glimpses of India this year. Amid COVID-19 students of Indian origin made sure that the festival does not lose its charm and engaged in the celebration while keeping covid protocols in mind. Usually, CBU hosts the party for Diwali as it is followed by the Hindu new year but this year we don’t want more than 1000 people at one place, do we? (That would be a Public Health nightmare). The staff at the Caper times made sure that you get the best glimpse of Diwali by scrolling Instagram and Facebook during this digital Diwali.

Students Union at CBU made sure that the student's get the best of Diwali by holding multiple contests to motivate students to celebrate and win vouchers, making it a win-win situation.

There was an overwhelming response from student featuring #diwaliwithcbusu. Students had to compile their celebration video and post it on social media to enter the contest and get featured. Here are a few glimpses of that…

Festivals are usually connected with delicacies. Everyone misses their home and most importantly home-cooked meal during Diwali, don’t we? CBUSU partnering with Swagat-The real taste of India and Butterbear-The Indian restaurant made sure that students are not deprived of the food they deserve. CBUSU provided meals to the CBU students at affordable rates of merely 5$ per meal. Many students took advantage of this venture as it provided dine-in as well as take-away options.

Also, if you live in Sydney, you probably heard the bursting of firecrackers on Saturday night 14th November.

It looked like a mini Christmas during the weekend as students decorated their houses with the lights, making it a glimmering night.

Overall, Diwali was a memorable event here at CBU for Indian students reminiscing their home. Everyone also needs to keep their lights on the bay as Santa is on his way.

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