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  • Pushya Chokshi

Course Delivery methods: Spring 2021

Since the beginning of the COIVD-19 outbreak due to public health guidelines, CBU is operating remotely for more than a year now. Everyone including us is waiting to join the classes on campus and meet the professors and friends, according to the recent update from CBU this is happening very soon.

The update was issued by the Cape Breton University on 1st March 2021 outlining new methods of course delivery for the Spring 2021 semester. Many domestic as well as international students are expected to attend this semester here at CBU and are really excited about this update.

According to the mail sent out by CBU following types of course delivery options are expected for the spring semester.

  • Online Live: This method of delivery is offered to the students of CBU as the online lectures taking place in real-time. The students are expected to attend these lectures at the designated timeslot, these lectures may/may not be recorded (depending on your course instructor). This type of course delivery is also known as synchronous course delivery.

  • Online not Live: This method of teaching is similar to the online-Live except, students are not expected to attend this during a specific time. All lectures in this format will be pre-recorded or will be recorded during the time of lectures and will be posted later. But everyone needs to be aware of the associated deadlines and assignments. This method of delivery is also called asynchronous.

  • On-Campus: This type of class is something everyone is waiting for, students are supposed to attend this lecture on campus at the designated classroom or lab. It will take place as the normal lectures as before, mandatory public health guidelines will be taken into consideration.

  • In-person or Live Online: Lectures in this format will take place in the university but the students will have an option to attend it either online or on campus. This can be considered the most convenient option for students. Students residing in other provinces or countries can take advantage of the same lecture as the student who is attending it in person here at CBU.

With the vaccine rollouts currently in place, we expect to get back to the normal university function as before (let’s hope we didn’t jinx it). When registering (Starting 2nd March) for the course, it should tell you regarding the delivery method of the specific course. Students currently taking their courses from across the border and are not planning to travel soon should carefully plan their courses accordingly.

“I am very excited to go back on campus. It has been a while since I saw my professors and the campus especially the pit. I am really hoping to get some courses that are delivered on campus, getting off the table and attend the class in person is something I am waiting for for a long time!”

-Rishi Patel (2nd-year biology bachelors)

There are many international students currently waiting for their support letter from the university. According to the latest information rollout, CBU started issuing the support letter starting from 16th March 2021 and will continue to do so till 3rd May 2021. Students still need to complete mandatory 14 days quarantine under the guideline provided by the public health association of Canada.

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