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The onset of February marked Cape Breton University's general elections for Presidential and Vice- Presidential positions for 2022-2023.

An appeal filed by a CBU Student on February 9th was upheld, following all legal procedures. The election results were overturned, and a decision to conduct CBUSU elections once again was made.

Students' Union appointed Brigid Milburn as Chief Returning Officer and Alexa Lillington as Deputy Chief Returning Officer to host this election to choose President and Vice-President for the year 2022-2023.

Caper Times interviews Brigid Milburn, the Students' Union CRO for this election to know more about the plans for these elections.

Milburn says that they will try their best to assure fairness to all slates and ensure smoothness in the procedure. She says that the election process would be similar to the previous elections, strictly following the "Elections Act", but they have decided to follow a hybrid of some online modes as well as the in-person aspects for campaigning, due to slightly lessened pandemic conditions presently. She also says that they're trying their best to ensure fairness to all slates

Nominations ended on March 9th and the list of nominees for the upcoming elections would be announced soon. We appreciate everyone, who voted in the previous elections and would like to remind you that, "Your vote is your voice" and it matters.

The campaign starts on March 15th. Good Luck to all. Stay tuned for the latest updates

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