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CBUSU elections are around the corner, nominations closed!

With the resignation of Madlyn O’Brien, CBUSU former president & CEO on January 14th, Logan Collins CBUSU former Executive Vice President & CEO moved into the role of President & CEO. While Chloe Stewart was appointed as the Executive Vice President & CEO

Now, it’s the time for CBUSU general elections. Nominations lasted for about a week starting from January 17th and ending on January 24th. To Brief –up the election procedure and come up with a detailed information for the upcoming elections, Caper Times interviews Mark Campbell, Chief Returning Officer at CBU Student’s Union.

Mark is in the fourth year of Bachelors of Business administration Program majoring in accounting and concentrating in human resources. His role as a CRO is to manage all aspects of CBUSU general elections.

Mark explains CBUSU elections to be broken down into three phases –nomination, campaigns and polling. This year due to the rise of COVID-19 cases, the elections are conducted virtually to limit the spread of the virus.

CBUSU CRO, Mark Campbell

The basic thing to be kept in mind while standing for CBUSU elections is the eligibility. Since, the upcoming elections are for the CBUSU President & CEO and the SRC here are some things you need to know

If planning to run for President & CEO at CBUSU:

1. You must be an active student at CBU during the nomination process.

2. Should be enrolled in a full- time program for coming Fall and Winter terms.

3. Must have taken at least 9 credits per semester.

If you’re planning to run for the SRC elections,

1. You should be an active student during the time of nomination process.

2. While it’s not compulsory to be a full- time student.

Mark says that the challenging part about the CBUSU elections is “Nominations”. He explains that each candidate (standing for the post of President) must have a minimum of 75 signatures (on a google form supporting them) from the members of Student’s Union, while the one’s standing for the SRC elections need a minimum of 25 signatures, that are further verified to make sure that they’re legitimate. Once the verification is done you’re nominated as a candidate of CBUSU general election.

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