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  • Dipanshu Grover

CBUSU Elections 2020: Candidate Profile

Hello. My name is Amrinder Singh and I am a Business Management student at Cape Breton University. Since the time I’ve been here, I have been actively involved across various divisions of CBU. I was fortunate enough to work as a Student Life Assistant, a Student Ambassador and a bartender . My various roles at CBU have helped me to gain insights on various student concerns and has helped me stay connected with different departments across. My recurring engagement with the students and the university made me make the decision to run for the position of CBUSU President.

While running through my options for the Vice President position, I came across my fellow batch-mate, Tom Joseph Scaria. Tom is a professional photographer and outdoor enthusiast who works for Destination Cape Breton Association. He has been to the farthest corners of Cape Breton as part of his work and is an active member of the outdoor community. When I mentioned the idea of running this term to Tom, he was immediately on board as he shared the same vision of making a better student life experience. Tom’s work as a photographer has made him stay in touch with various businesses across the island, which will come in handy for future employment opportunities for the students.

With my experience of working with the CBU family and Tom’s community engagement, we have a lot to offer in terms of being their voice and helping them with their time in Cape Breton Island.

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