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CBUSU - "Borrow a Grad Gown for Free!"

Weird year to be Year of 2020. Did you watch this year's Emmys?! It was ONLINE! Taking COVID-19 safety health issues in mind, earlier in the year, CBU announced that their Fall 2020 Convocation would be held virtually. 

Convocation for the Spring 2020 batch is scheduled to take place on the 7th of November, 2020. Each graduating student is in line to receive a convocation package through mail, which includes their parchment (degrees, certificates, diplomas) and a copy of their transcript. 

Now, for the fun part, CBU has teamed up with CBUSU for their Borrow a Grad Gown for Free initiative. Students (future Alumni!) can pick up grad gowns from a TBA pick-up and drop-off location in Sydney, as CBU is closed for COVID regulations; on 5 November, 2020 and return it by 9 November 2020. CBUSU mentions that graduates can contact the Students’ Union by filling

out a form on their website ( Amrinder Singh, President & CEO of CBUSU, announced that “We (CBUSU) will be offering appointments to Spring Grads starting October 15, 2020 for regalia rentals.” in a recent press release. Even though there is a $20 deposit fee, it is all refundable! Grads are to be billed if they fail to return their gowns. 

According to Singh, this service came into being because, "We want to continue to offer other essential services to the student body while ensuring we are following provincial health and safety guidelines. We are really happy to be able to help the students fulfil their graduation experience by capturing their memories."

In more exciting news, purchase options are also available - contact Jennifer Hart at for more details. All convocation details can also be found at

Are you geared up for #Instagrammable photos yet? Cause we are! 

Read Candidate Profiles: Fall 2020 Valedictorians., here.

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