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  • Dipanshu Grover

CBU Students’ Union all set for 20-21 Session

Elections have been a whirlwind of events for the Students’ Union, the candidates and the one’s vigilant enough to vote.

From getting signatures for nomination, to standing up to justifying themselves in the debate, Amrinder Singh and Tom Joseph Scaria finally pave their way to the executive position in CBU Students’ Union for the session 2020-21.

(L-R: Kushal Reddy, Rohith Padam, Amrinder Singh, Tom Joseph, Akhil Santosh, Krishna Kumar, Hamid Yasir, Sumiran Shrestha )

Out of the four candidate slates, Kushal and Padam secured 4.8% votes ( 63 votes), while Sumiran and Hamid Yasir secured 9.2% votes (120 votes). Akhil and Krishna bagged a significant number, making their final count to 322 votes ( 24.7 %).

Shannon School of Business successfully maintains its history of being proactive in student elections. Finally, the soon to be President- Amrinder Singh and Vice-President- Tom Joseph Scaria, managed to get whooping 764 votes ( 58.75%) also are Business Management students.

Amrinder never thought that he would be involved in student politics and elections when he came to Canada last summer but his regular involvement with CBU and engagement with the students helped him gain the confidence and experience that encouraged him to go for this role. “I am looking forward to use this experience to solve student problems and making student life more engaging and better at CBU”

Tom’s journey from a student to an investment banker, then a photographer and back to being a student and now student politics has been an interesting journey to say the least. “When Amrinder Singh approached me with the idea of running as Student Union Executives, I was immediately on board” says Tom “Opportunities are rare. We need to make use of what we get”

While both Amrinder and Tom are extremely delighted with the results, they are looking forward to what lies ahead.

“CBU and Cape Breton in general is a budding community with a lot of untapped potential. This is my home now and the time has come to give back. We have the resources. We have the time. We have the people. Now, let’s bring them all together for a better life at CBU”, say the upcoming executives.

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