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CBU’s Scholarships & Bursaries

Every year with the help of donors and reserves of the university, CBU offers $2.5 million in the form of various scholarships and bursaries. There are scholarships for almost every field of study and for various levels of education. Here is the breakdown of all scholarships.

Entrance scholarship (Closes on March 1st, 2021):

This form of scholarship is for the students that are entering CBU in September 2021, current students are not considered for this scholarship. It requires you to fill the application form along with the official transcripts and financial need application.

Domestic as well as international students are considered for this scholarship.

For high school students, the requirements to qualify are academically driven along with the offer letter granting them admission to CBU.

Articulation agreement students also qualify for the entrance scholarship.

There is a wide range of scholarships ranging from $500 to $5000 per year. They are awarded to the students after the careful review of their application.

The application form for this scholarship can be found here.

For all Indigenous student scholarships, please contact

In-Course Scholarship:

You don’t need to apply for the in-course scholarship they are directly applied to your student account if you qualify for it. For qualification, you need to be complete one year at CBU (24 credits) while maintaining an overall average of 80%.

You will be eligible for it if you are not under any sort of renewal scholarships.

They are applied in September.


CBU allows students with financial needs to apply in various form of bursaries program. This can be applied by filling out the entrance scholarship form or by filling bursaries form.

There are also general bursaries available for all the students. The requirements for the application are

  • Should be a registered CBU student.

  • Fill out the application form.

  • Provide income tax returns (Students or parents depending on the case)

Entrance bursaries: students showing a strong financial need can apply to this form of a bursary. The application opens in January and ends in March and the bursary is awarded in September upon enrolment. Tax information of the students/parents/guardians is required.

In-course bursaries: In-course bursaries application opens in the fall and is awarded in the second semester of study.

An in-course scholarship form must be completed for the application (available mid-November to mid-January).

They are awarded depending on the financial needs.

Current external award scholarship: Fisheries and Aquaculture scholarship.

Scholarships are pro-rated and are renewed automatically depending on the number of credits you take in the semester.

For more information on Scholarships and bursaries visit the CBU website.

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