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  • Pushya Chokshi

BHATM Students Organise CBU Rising Star Talent Show

The CBU rising event was a talent showcase that was organized by the Winter 2021 class of Hotel and Tourism Management (BHATM 3503). It was a talent hunt for all CBU family members- including students, alumni, staff, and faculty members). The goal of the event was to provide a platform for talented people to be able to express themselves and show their talent.

The event was judged by 3 members of the Bachelors of Hospitality and Tourism Management program. The top 3 participants were declared winners by the score given to them by the judges. Winners were also chosen based on the votes by the audience member, declaring them as the favorite performance.

Criteria: The participation criteria were very simple, it was directed for anyone who is connected to CBU in the present or past. An individual can present with any talent they can showcase which includes singing, dancing, playing instruments, magic, drama, martial arts, and anything you can imagine.

Participation: To participate in this event you are supposed to record a 3-5 minute video and send it to Applications were shortlisted and then the qualified individuals were contacted to access the event on 21st March. Online performances took place on 21st March on MS teams.

Participants: There was a mixed batch of participants from the various locations in Canada, India, and Vietnam. A total of 6 participants were shortlisted who performed during the live meet.

  1. Chloe Nguyen: Singing- My Heart will go on.

  2. Fatee Bayero: Cooking- Chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Samarjeet Singh: Singing- Tum mile.

  4. Suong Doan(Sara): Baking- Peanut Butter Cookies.

  5. Skaty Pham: Singing- Imagine.

  6. Thing Dang: Singing with playing guitar- At my wort.


1st Prize: Chloe was the winner of the competition after singing “My heart will go on”. Belonging to the beautiful east Asian country Vietnam she is currently enrolled in the 3rd year of the BHTM program and loves the supportive environment she is having here at CBU.

2nd Prize: Skaty Pham was a runner-up for the competition singing “Imagine”. Skaty is currently a sophomore here at CBU with a major in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

3rd Prize (People’s choice): Suong Don won the 3rd prize along with the people’s choice after baking the peanut butter cookies. Sara is currently in the final year of the BHTM program and loves baking on day to day basis.

Overall the student at the BTHM program dominated the event by providing the most winners.

Audience Giveaway: One lucky audience was also given a prize after the lucky spin, in this case, it was Matthew.

This event was a refreshing weekender for the participants as well as the audience. It not only gave entertainment to the people but also helped them to display their talents and show it to everyone watching!

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