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CBU Library Offers Remote Services To Students Amidst Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic brought with it the "new normal" and changed how we do what we considered to be the most routine activities, activities that we never thought we would ever have to do differently: like going to a restaurant, meeting friends or going to the library for instance.

The most crucial thing I've learned since it all began last year is that we as a society are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. Within a few weeks of the pandemic and emergency lockdown, we found a way to do almost everything we did earlier, just with a creative little twist.

The CBU library is no exception and has come up with several well planned initiatives which allow CBU students to make use of all the services the library has to offer while protecting their safety and ensuring that government mandated social distancing regulations are being taken into consideration.

Caper Times interviewed Karen Tobin and Jasmine Hoover from the CBU Library to better understand how you as a CBU student can get the most out of the library and its services while staying safe:

Booking a seat at the library:

You can book a seat at the library online using *this* link. This process is completely contactless. After you book a seat, you need to confirm your booking and answer covid-19 screening questions from your phone at the security entrance. Finally, before entering the library you need to simply check-in from your phone using a code that would be sent to your email address.

Booking a table at the library is an excellent option if you have an online exam or interview and do not have a strong and reliable internet connection at home or if you have other distractions in your environment. Depending on availability and your particular circumstance, you may also be eligible to borrow a laptop from the library for emergency situations, such as having a virtual exam if you're in quarantine and don't have access to a laptop.

Karen told Caper Times that the library closes for one hour around mid-day for cleaning and that this takes place in such a manner that no seat is used by two people without being cleaned in between.

It's likely that these protocols will continue through at least the Summer 2021 semester, if not beyond it.

Curbside Pick up:

The curbside pick up service offered by the library is a safe way for students to issue and return library books. Students can park near the rear entrance of the library which is behind the daycare and call the library once they reach. Books are handed in a bin, which is then taken back, in order to limit physical contact and maintain social distance.

In addition to this, the library also offers a mailing service as part of its BARA (Borrow Anywhere Return Anywhere) initiative. For example, if you moved to Halifax and still have a CBU Library book with you which you forgot to return, you could return it at the Halifax Public Library and they would send it back to CBU for you. You can find a list of participating libraries *here*.

If you're in a rural area and are not close to any participating library you may be eligible to have the books mailed directly to your home address.

Printing and Scanning

The library can still be accessed for using the printer/scanning machine.

In the interview with us Jasmine pointed out that due to virtual classes most students are required to submit their assignments in the form of soft copies. She says this is one change she hopes would continue after the pandemic as it saves time and money and is better for the environment.

Online Resources

You can access most of the library's resources remotely. The library has a vast and comprehensive collection of journals, databases, and e-books which are available online. You can access these resources via the library's official website by clicking "Search the Library". If you're overwhelmed by this and can't figure out how to find exactly what you need here's how you can get help:

Live Chat with a Librarian

Yes, you can get help with your assignments online via live chat with a librarian for free.

You can use this service if you need any kind of research assistance, help finding resources for your assignments, trouble with citations, or if you just want to learn how to better navigate through the online library and NovaNet catalog. You also have the option to book a one-on-one appointment with a CBU library staff member using *this* link.

The library staff wants you to know that the library is there for you and that you shouldn't hesitate to use any of these services if you need them. They're happy to help, and your safety and health are a top priority. Follow the CBU library on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates about the library and its services.

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