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  • Ashin Wilfy

CBU Alumni Lends a helping hand to newcomers

With myriads of students having reported scammers trying to take advantage of the ongoing housing crisis in Sydney, CBU Alumni, including the former Students’ Union president, Gunny Brar, have stepped up offering their services to verify and even find accommodations for incoming students. In a Facebook post made by Brar in the CB International community group, one of the largest groups for CBU students and alumni, he encouraged students to reach out and seek the help of the community’s members to avoid being defrauded. Similar assistance was also offered by other alumni members through the same platform, where some even offered to share their living space temporarily with newcomers until they find a new place to settle down.

The Sukhmani Sahib Society of Sydney, praised for their services during the Hurricane Fiona aftermath, has also come up with its own ways to help incoming international students. They are looking for volunteers to help verify accommodation listings to prevent students from being scammed. A few others have used the platform to notify newcomers of how it is to live in Cape Breton and what to expect on their arrival based on their personal experiences, hoping to make it easier for new students.

The University; however, has asked incoming students to defer to the next intake if they are unable to secure accommodation by the 15th of December. This was communicated through email as well as via official CBU social media handles.

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