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  • Robert Lovell

CB Winter Survival Guide Part 2

Wait… I have to wear two pairs of pants?

Welcome to the Winter semester at CBU! If you are a returning student, welcome back (we’re sorry). If you’re new here, it’s good to have ya! Winter can be a difficult and sometimes painful time for the unprepared—luckily, The Caper Times is here to make your experience a little more enjoyable! So fix yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and put on your favourite snuggie; it’s time for the CB Winter Survival Guide Part 2!

1. You ever hear of long johns? They’re like underwear only they cover your whole legs! If you spend an extended amount of time in the freezing cold, an extra layer on the legs is a must. I don’t own a pair myself, but pyjamas or ski pants do the trick as well.

Yeah, they’re weird looking, but no-one will know you’re wearing them.

2. Your nose is going to be runny. Pocket a few fresh tissues before you go out. Alternatively, you can use your sleeve, the back of your hand, or wipe it on a friend!

3. Lip balm. They sell it at Caper Convenience, so you really don’t have an excuse for chapped lips. Get on it, you’ll thank me later.

4. Some people are susceptible to having their hands dry up. There are hand creams and moisturizers you can get for this. Bonus: You won’t look like you came from a bar fight when you raise your hand in class.

5. On a related note: invest in a good pair of gloves; preferably the kind that don’t get soaked after handling snow.

6. Have I mentioned that scarves are great? They bottle in the heat and protect your face from the wind. Only downside: sometimes my glasses fog up.

7. Go play in the snow! Make a snowman, wrestle with your friends, make snow angels, or build a fort and have a snowball fight! A thick blanket of snow brings out the kid in all of us.

7) Sign up for the CBU Alert e-mails! If you’re unsure whether classes are cancelled, call 902-539-5300 and press 9. Be in the know, not in the snow!

8. Find an outdoor Winter activity! The Winter Blues are caused by staying inside all the time. I went snowshoeing over the break.

Our final tip comes from Alicia Penney, concerning the ethics of overzealous Winter Facebook posts:

I couldn’t agree more, Alicia… Please be considerate for the less frigidly-inclined.

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