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  • Victoria Jackson


This past weekend, both CBU’s men’s and women’s basketball teams went to play in the 2023 Subway AUS Championship. It was an emotional roller-coaster for Caper’s fans. In each game, both the Men and Women’s teams played with heart.


The women’s team had a heartbreaking loss to UPEI in overtime, with a score of 71 – 67. The Capers started out with a strong lead in the first quarter, scoring the first 14 points. However, after the second quarter, UPEI was in the lead. However, the Capers continued to play strong even when the referees were not ruling in their favor. Fans also made sure to let the referees know they were displeased, to say the least, with their calls. Head coach Fabien McKenzie received a technical foul.

At the end of the last quarter, a final shot from Darah Fleurgin tied up the game 65 – 65 for the Capers. The stadium exploded when the shot went in. Sadly, the Capers were unable to secure a win. It was a tough loss given the comeback at the very end.


The men’s team won their first game against UNB when it went into overtime 95 – 89. For most of the game, the Capers were just behind UNB. However, they were able to tie it up 82 – 82 by the end of the final quarter. With this being Caper’s first game of the AUS championship, fans were in great spirits and the cheers were deafening.

The Caper’s second game did not go as well as the first, as they lost 94 – 68 against StFX. They started the game strong scoring the first points. But by the end of the second they were losing by 23 points and at the end of the third, they were losing by 24 points. Fans continued to cheer the Capers on with enthusiasm even towards the end. However, CBU played a commendable game given StFX went on to win the AUS championship 104 – 54 against UPEI.


The Orange Army took Halifax by storm last weekend. Orange Army Coordinator Mya Trimm organized for a fan bus to be available for students to go to Halifax. Our mascot was also there to cheer on the Capers. Orange T-shirts, cowbells, and pompoms were provided to student fans on the floor. Metal bowls and wooden spoons were used as well, which drowned out the other teams' fans. Many spoons were broken, and bowls dented from enthusiastic cheering.

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