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  • Dariia Pasko

Campaign do's and don'ts

As nominations are closed, next stage for the Cape Breton University Students' Union (CBUSU) elections is campaigning. This year the elections are held on virtual platforms and all in-person activities are prohibited. Campaigns will start on January 31st and then candidates can publicize their agendas through various social media platforms. Candidates are open to all virtual sources to promote, so we can actually expect various online events going on. What is actually allowed except the online campaigning, is wearing teams t-shirts and having a “vote” badge. President’s team (supporters) consists of maximum of 15 people while SRC’s (Students' Representative Council) team is limited to 10. The entire list of candidates will be released on January 31st.

What are the main dos and don’ts for the upcoming campaigns?

Definitely use and engage in social media, because there is no other way to reach students and make them vote for you. T-shirt and badges will help to identify your team and drive attention to what you are doing.

Do not slender, attack or harass other candidates. Also, do not use any negative attitude during your campaign and most importantly do not violate the Election Act. It is a public document and in case if you want to get familiar with it – use this link: The last thing is do not conduct any campaign activities on the territory of CBUSU and Caper Convenience.

If found violating the rules and regulations, you may get disqualified.

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