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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

CBU Students’ Union

Are you a CBU student? Have you ever struggled with the stress of exams; the pressure of paper deadlines, or even issues with getting a good night’s sleep?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions then the Aspiria app may be beneficial to you.

Aspiria is a free app that offers help and advice to students relating to both their mental and physical wellbeing.  Legal and financial counselling are also available through Aspiria, showcasing why this is far more than just an app; this is an interactive support system with the sole purpose of aiding students throughout their educational journey.

“How do I download this app?” I hear you impatiently enquire.  It’s simple really: head to the app store and search for Aspiria.  Enter code ‘cbu’ when prompted, it’s as simple as that! At this point you will have access to all of the services offered by Aspiria along with a direct line to their trained Clinical Psychologists.

It must be stressed that this app, as helpful and beneficial as it is, should not serve as a direct replacement for professional counselling in times of crisis.  Helen Boone is available for on-campus counselling and can be contacted at or 902-563-1873.  Another useful contact is the toll free Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-888-429-8167.

If you are still wondering ‘is this app is worth downloading?’ allow me to highlight just how many areas of information Aspiria covers within its app:

  1. Academic issues

  2. Adjustment to post-secondary learning

  3. Anxiety

  4. Bullying

  5. Career development

  6. Crisis

  7. Dependent care

  8. Depression

  9. Discrimination

  10. Drugs, alcohol, gaming, smoking

  11. Financial

  12. Grief bereavement

  13. Harassment

  14. Home and family stress

  15. Legal

  16. Medical Health and Resource referral

  17. Nutrition

  18. Personal

  19. School stress

  20. Sexual

  21. Trauma

  22. Violence

Having tested the Aspiria app on my, now, very dated Sony cell phone, I can attest to the astounding variety and unquestionable depth of this resource.  The interface is simple and easy to navigate, combine these features with a wide range of useful advice at your disposal and it is clear to see why CBU has formed a partnership with Aspiria.  The most impressive aspect of the application, for me, was either the appointment feature which allows students to book a meeting with a specific counsellor through the app, or the ‘call for immediate help’ button which is present throughout the app and should be used only in times of crisis.  These features allow the user a safety net in terms of getting the help they need without going through the often daunting task of visiting the Doctor’s office.

It is a testament to the ever evolving landscape of mental health that this app is now available for students.  Often we are privy to media campaigns that implore us to talk about mental health and end the stigma; with the release of this app we are reminded  that many people have various issues surrounding mental health and may need support. Whether that support comes from direct counselling or through techniques learned via this very app it is pleasing to see a creative endeavour that is willing to offer help to students who need it.

If this app helps just one person, then it should surely be considered a success.  Mental health issues can be so overwhelming and intense that it is often too difficult for the person who is suffering to take the steps toward getting the help they need.  Aspiria simplifies the process and makes it easier to get the help that could essentially save someone’s life.  Again, this app should not be mistaken for an equivalent to professional counselling or therapy, but if used as a supplementary aid then its uses are undeniably and resoundingly positive.

For more information please visit or download the app today!

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