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Are you really prepared for the winter?

The phases of nature are somewhat a lesson that nothing on Earth, is immortal. Sometimes it seems strange, how fall beautiful colors turned to white so quickly!

Well, let’s not be philosophical and prepare ourselves for another phase of nature -


Are you an international student and is it going to be your first winter in Cape Breton?

Local winters might be a challenge for you, you shouldn’t let the climatic changes affect your health in any way. We summarized the insights from Max Bell Health and Counselling Center, to make the season more enjoyable and safe.

Leslie MacIsaac R.N. and Lydia McIsaac, Mental Health Nurse

CBU has become a temporary home for many international students and it’s our goal to keep the CBU community healthy.

Caper Times interviewed Leslie MacIsaac R.N. She is a health nurse from Max Bell Health and Counselling Center, located next to the University’s bus stop in the Canada Games Complex.

MacIsaac told us that the winters in Cape Breton Island hit different phases every year bringing along various viruses that cause flu. Hence gaining resistance to those, is important through healthy habits and getting the annual Flu vaccine.

One of the foremost ways of ensuring your health, is to get a flu vaccine. MAX BELL HEALTH AND COUNSELLING CENTER are providing free flu vaccines to CBU students and staff. Keep track of the CBU social media platforms for getting updates of these dates. Do note that, the next coming slot is on Wednesday, December 8th from 1pm to 2.15 pm at CBU library.

Apart from the flu vaccine, MacIsaac mentioned that it is necessary to take other precautions as well. She advises everyone to wear multiple layers, beanies and gloves included, every time you head out of your home, while always monitoring the weather forecast.

It is also important to get yourself snow jackets, that can tolerate extremely low temperatures and snow boots with good grip, as it gets slippery outdoors.

Keeping track of the storm warnings is a priority. There might be power outages, so keep some ready to eat food, fruits and essentials like flashlights and extra blankets on hand.

MacIsaac mentioned that while staying hydrated is important at all times, it’s more so during winters, so remember to drink at least one litre of water regularly. Winter in Cape Breton Island, may make your skin really dry, use of lotions to nourish your cells is essential. In addition, to avoid your hair turning rough, use of conditioners is recommended. Needless to say, taking a balanced diet is another important factor to develop immunity against the emerging viruses – Vitamin C is recommended (can be obtained from apples, oranges etc.)

Blood Sample Collections at Max Bell Health and Counselling Center

Blood sample tests are taken at Max Bell Health and Counselling Center on Wednesdays and Thursdays (either walk – in or with appointments).

Max Bell Health and Counselling Center supports CBU students with various health care services like Mental Health counselling (with appointments with Our mental health nurse Lydia McIsaac or one of our counsellers) apart from that physicians and nurses are available by appointments as well, if you have any health related concerns. COVID testing and take home kits are available from 3.30 pm to 5 pm , each day at Great Hall Testing Center, Games Complex and also in front of the library.

For any health services or to make an appointment :

you can reach out to : 902-5631359 or

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