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  • Swayema Shaikh

A Letter to My Fellow Humans

An Official Letter in the Occasion of Lockdown in India

Dear My Fellow Human,

I would like to offer you a warm hug on this snowy cold day in this new country. I know you feel alone and stranded, and that you are looking for someone to be with you. A hug, a shoulder, a conversation, a support or maybe just a smile from a complete stranger makes you feel like home these days. You are not alone mate! We are all going through the same thing. We have all come from different places and time zones, struggling every moment to prove ourselves or to fulfil those dreams which are yet to come true. Certainly, we miss our loved ones. We all miss the family who we spent our life with until now. We all miss the happy smiles and cranky tantrums which we used to throw at our loved ones. I wish there was, and I know you wish the same.

I know the strong face you make while on facetime to your

parents, to your husband/wife or your kids. You smile holding back tears and let them feel you are happy, building the castle of everyone’s dreams. I know it is not easy. Every morning you wake up, every call back home breaks your heart a bit, but then you gather yourself and move forward motivated.

None of us thought we would get this happy surprise that comes with sadness, and loneliness. The inner struggles were somehow managed, but then reality hit us hard.

I was scared of the snow; I was scared of winter. I didn’t know a place that I can call home. I struggled and searched to find places roaming in this cold weather, standing long for a bus to come in that bone chilling cold winds. It still scares me! And I know it was not easy for most of us. But still we survived!

Days became longer when there was no place to stay. No home, no roof, a new country no one you know, you just felt stranded, alone, and torn apart! Still with all the will power we gathered our pieces and found a place we call home today

I know life is not meant to be easy, and it is not easy for anyone. Everyone faces their own challenges in their own ways. And next was to find a job. A kind of hope to survive, hope to keep going, a door to the light …!

That’s the biggest problem to deal with now. We all have come with loads of expectations and tons of burdens. All of it for a better future for ourselves and our family in our home country, and we all know money is a very important part of this commitment that we made. After working for years, coming from an experienced professional background and having no job for days and months together literally sucked my soul. I never thought in my life this phase could make such a big impact. But it did! Months passed and nothing. I know you understand this feeling and you can relate as well.

What helped me during this time was the support that a few friends gave me! No, these are not my friends from years past, but the people I see once a week who I feel connected to here in Canada. I know they understand me without much explanation, because they are going through the same thing. They say you can never understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. And we are all in the same pair of shoes. Struggling, managing, and thriving despite the challenges!

I wish and pray for all of us to find the opportunities we desire and that we can support the dreams we have and those of our loved ones. But do you think this will end the trouble and challenges? I do not as life is too long, and we have just started this new chapter in this new and beautiful country!

So, while you are here enjoy the good times, the breathtaking beauty of nature and the amazing people who are filled with love willing to share it with you. 😊

You can join me in this chain of positivity and love for humankind! Sending you all lots of life, light and happiness in these dark times.

Happy being in your second home! A home away from HOME. 😊

With lots of love,

From your fellow human being

Swayema Shaikh

Post Bachelorette Diploma (Health Care Management)

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