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  • Hridya Chaudhary

5-0 ! A clean Win !

Isn’t it boring when there is all work and no play. Well, CBU is not about that. There’s always something happening around. It wasn’t a usual weekend when the weather was aggressive and so was the soccer game on October 5th, 2019.

The CBU’s Capers went against the Mount Allison’s Mounties. With people down with the flu in the Capers men’s team, it was not surprising  to see that they started off the game slow and more on the defense line. On the other end, the women’s team started off with great enthusiasm, particularly by  Rachel Leck.

Photo Credits – Vaughan Merchant

During the women’s game, despite, the Mounties keeper Kaitlyn Strickland being strong with her defense at the net,  Alliyah Rowe scored the first goal for Capers. The consecutive goals during the first half were scored by  Amelia Carlini  and Alliyah Rowe  respectively.  The winds intensified during the second half which gave an advantage to the Mounties and they tried their best to score some goals, but the ball was well taken care by CBU keeper Rachel Yerxa . Rachel Leck after being passed by  Erin Freeman made the 4th goal of the game. The last goal was again made by Rachel Leck securing Capers win against the Mounties. Alliyah Rowe  was named Subway Player of the game from the women’s team.

Photo Credits – Vaughan Merchant

Looking at the men’s game,it was the first half of the game when the two teams were struggling on the pitch with the weather. Although early in the game, Capers were being defensive, Jesse MacIntyre did try  to cross the Mounties but they had a good save on the net.

Photo Credits – Vaughan Merchant

With a half-time score of 0 – 0, men had to gear themselves up and make some goals. It was just minutes after when Michael Gould  made an opening goal for the Capers. The wind or the Mounties couldn’t stop Charlie Waters from making the second goal. It was around 71st minute when Daniel Williams , put CBU into a dominant position in the game by making another goal. Michael Gould and Charlie Waters  made the subsequent goals,putting rest to the game with a score of 5-0. Michael Gould was named the Subway Player of the Men’s game.

“Apart from the weather today, the game with the Mounties was challenging and happening. It was a lot of fast play”, said Rowe. She also mentioned that.” the team together needs to work on the passes”. Talking to the men’s soccer coach,Deano Morley said,”I only focus on my  team’s  strengths, not weaknesses. So, I always train my team to work on their strengths and make them great. What’re you good at? Let’s make it better.” He expects the team to win the next game as well.

Capers go against STFX on October 18th ,2019 at 5 pm – 8:45 pm.

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