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Caper Times is your source for the latest, most in-depth Cape Breton University news. The Caper Times is owned by the CBU Students’ Union and autonomously managed by a Publishing Board. We welcome guest writers and letters to the Editor and can be contacted via



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Victoria Jackson


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Ashin Wilfy


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Sivaramakrishnan Natarajan

Associate Editor

At the end of December, Levin graduated from his Post degree in Petroleum Engineering. Caper Times was very happy for Levin, but sad to see him go. He was able to put in a lot of good work here and has been missing dearly each day since his departure.

At the end of December, previous Associate Editors Ashin Wilfy and Victoria Jackson stepped up to be Co-Editors of the Caper Times.

Our goal remained to continue with Levin’s vision to make Caper Times a voice who advocated for students and ensured they felt heard.

However, this left an open position of associate editor and reporter which were filled by Sivaramakrishnan ‘Kris’ Natarajan. He was a welcome addition to the team, bringing his expertise in photography. Kris did a fantastic job while here at Caper Times, writing up some great articles on athletics and campus life here at CBU.



Victoria Jackson

Associate Editor

A resident of Halifax, Victoria Jackson moved to Cape Breton University with a Presidents Scholarship to pursue bachelor’s degree in science. Victoria is highly motivated and multi-talented, maintaining exceptional grades while playing competitive hockey and volunteering extensively as a tutor.  

Victoria loves history and biology. Reading, long walks, and biking are a few other ways she likes to spend her time. Victoria has also amassed a small army of plants, which she mostly remembers to water. 


Levin Alex

The Editor

Levin is a post degree student in Petroleum engineering at CBU. With a bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering from India, he started his career as a technical professional. Recognizing his passion for connecting with people, had him transition to sales and marketing roles during the latter part of his career. 

Although he does not enjoy reading, Levin enjoys writing, long drives, outdoor sports and traveling with his better half


Ashin Wilfy

Associate Editor

With a bachelors’ degree in Biotechnology from India, Ashin is currently enrolled in the post degree Public Health program at CBU. Originally from Kerala, India, Ashin has extensive experience designing and maintaining social media platforms and leading Marketing campaigns for various clients which he hopes to emulate as an associate with Caper times.  

Apart from creating digital art, he loves reading mythological fiction and collecting Hot wheels. 



Nitin Fernandes

Associate Editor

Nitin is in his first year of the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Analytics program. Apart from writing, he is also extremely passionate about sports and travel. During his spare time, he enjoys watching Netflix, reading, and gaming on the PlayStation.

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Deepali Verma

The Editor

Deepali is in her second year of the Business Analytics Program at CBU. She hails from India. She started as a researcher in collaboration with the Lab of Transitional Chemistry and Drug Design, Chicago. Over the course of time, writing became her passion and profession at the same time. Apart from writing, she’s extremely interested in music and reading mysterious novels and about outer space.


Dariia Pasko

Associate Editor

Dariia moved to Cape Breton from Ukraine in September 2021. Currently, she is in her second year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program and is majoring in Marketing. She is passionate about photography and has been doing that professionally for two years. She is also good at learning languages, and for now, can speak and write in Ukrainian, Russian, French and Polish.



Pushya Chokshi

Associate Editor

Pushya is in his 2nd year of PG diploma in Public health and is a Dentist from India. He loves talking about research in medicine and has a keen interest in finance and sports. Apart from writing, he plays badminton and does kickboxing. 


Manini Sethi

The Editor

A feminist, animal lover and not anymore an avid knitter, Manini is a business student at CBU who is fond of reading and exploring new places. Being a part of the student senate and CBUSU, Manini works actively to help CBU students voice their concerns.


Hridya Chaudhary

      Associate Editor

Hridya is a Psychology, English student at CBU. She has a passion for writing and is stoked to be working with Caper Times again. Lover of all things poetry, she enjoys obsessing over astrology and finding new ways to smash the patriarchy


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Hridya Chaudhary

Associate Editor

Hridya (she/her) is a 4th year international student from India, pursuing her BA with a major in psychology and a minor in English at CBU. Lover of all things poetry, she enjoys obsessing over astrology and finding new ways to smash the patriarchy.


Robert Lovell 

Associate Editor

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Dipanshu Grover

The Editor

When Dipanshu isn't exploring the world, one city at a time, he can usually be found with his head in a book in a library. As  a Public Health graduate, Dipanshu hopes to contribute towards a safer and healthier world. 


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Daniel Boutilier

The Editor

Robert earned his Bachelor of Science, Biology Honours before going into the Nursing Program at CBU. He now works as a Registered Nurse in Sydney. In his free time he enjoys golfing and video games.

 Before coming to CBU Daniel earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of King’s College/Dalhousie with a focus on Contemporary Philosophy; he then refocused toward the Health Sciences and received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Daniel currently lives in Sydney where he works as a Registered Nurse in Mental Health & Addictions. In his free time he enjoys reading, racquet sports, and spending time with the newest addition to his family (pictured): Hector.

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Manini Sethi

Associate Editor

An Animal lover and avid knitter, Manini completed her graduation in sociology before moving to Canada to study business management at CBU. In her free time she enjoys sketching, reading or learning something new. 

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Shivam Sadana

Associate Editor

Shivam (Shevill) is an MBA student at CBU. He has an un-quenchable thirst for knowledge, loves meeting new people and seeks out adventure. In his free time, Shivam likes to read, write and... rap. 

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